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OSADER CO.,LTD, a professional supplier of all kinds of Lighting & Solar Panels products since 2013.Our professional factories cover more than 100,000 square meters,10000 workers,with all advanced full-automatic production lines,stirct quality control and management.

Our Lighting product including all
 LED,HALOGEN,CFL,CARBON FILAMENT,HID,INCANDESCEN,etc.70% LED products, 30% others.All our lamps mainly export to whole Europe,North and South American,Middle East,Australian and African markets.

Our Solar Panel products including MONO & POLY panels,with high quality only.

What we provide,not only high stable quality products,but also competitive price,earlier delivery time and best service.
We strongly believe we can be great helpful to you in purchasing Lighting & Solar Panel products.

OSADER CO.,LTD's lasting principle of business,"Win-Win Business Cooperation"

OSADER CO.,LTD's lasting philosophy,"Customer First"

OSADER CO.,LTD,to be your first and best choice! Let's work together! Let's go together!

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